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CRLending is southern California mortgage bank. As a “direct lender”, CRLending.com underwrites, prepares loan documents, and funds your mortgage transaction. Unlike a loan broker, we are able to control the loan process from beginning to end and pass on the best possible rates without adding on additional broker fees.

Our Story

Our founder began investing in commercial and residential real estate in December of 1998. He realized quickly that in order to best serve his clients he needed to be able to handle their mortgage needs as well. His experience in real estate transactions and mortgage loans grew rapidly. By February of 2001, he decided to launch out on his own and our company was born.

In June of 2001, we were incorporated in the state of California. This new burgeoning company focused on the local ethnic communities and through the use of radio and newspaper ads quickly became a recognized leader providing a valuable service to an under-supported consumer base. Today, our business enjoys a strong referral base where word of mouth has become its most effective marketing tool.

In early 2006, we transitioned into being a direct lender to better serve our borrowers. After careful research of the risks and regulations in mortgage banking, and the development of a formalized business plan, Cali-Land, Inc. began funding loans in October of that year. We are proud of our track record with our borrowers and our investors. To date, our funded loan portfolio has performed perfectly… no lates, no delinquencies, no foreclosures, no buy-backs.

Our company operates like a large family. Our employees have a bond and commitment to each other that is as strong as true relatives. On average, our employees have been with the company for more than 5 years. In an industry with high turn-over, we consider that a point of pride. Our employee base consists of seasoned professionals with an average tenure in the mortgage industry of over 11 years. This is what defines our strength, commitment, and success.

Our Commitment


To provide our customers, homeowners, and prospective homeowners with the highest level of industry expertise in order to make each transaction successful.


We are only as good as what motivates us. Below are our operational goals defined within these Core Objectives.

Core Objectives

We are only as good as what motivates us. Below are our operational goals defined within these Core Objectives.


There are a lot of large lenders such as Bank of America and Wells Fargo. What makes us different is the personal level of service that we provide. Each member of our staff “knows” you and is personally committed to making your loan a success.

Work Ethic

Our workday does not begin or end by the clock. Our staff is committed to supporting your loan even if that requires afterhours effort. We go the extra mile to obtain data and documentation needed for your loan to avoid burdening you unnecessarily.

Applied Expertise

You are not alone. We are here to provide our extensive knowledge in how to make your loan work. It is our commitment to you that we will analyze, dissect, and reassemble your loan so that you will be able to qualify for the loan you want. Only this type of expertise avoids the frustration of trying to figure out on your own what it will take for you to obtain your mortgage.


Our professional staff is dedicated to showing you, our customer, the respect that you deserve. That is evident in our commitment to working with you to make sure that your loan application is successful. You matter to us, and we want you to see that in how we handle your mortgage.